Custom Remote-Learning Solutions

Are you looking for a customized science kit for your course or laboratory? Here at BR Scientific, we've been providing customized geology solutions for publishers, universities, and retail customers since 2015, and are expanding into serving biology, chemistry, and physics, with exciting details coming out shortly.

Geological Expertise

We carry an extensive in-stock inventory of over 160 types of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens. Our staff geologist has 20 years of expertise in Earth science education, and we can help with recommendations for your custom project. From small-component solutions to complete curriculum packs with specimens, sediment samples, maps, tools and more, we can fulfill your needs with excellent materials at competitive prices.

Email us at to get your project off the ground.


We also welcome inquiries from publishers! If you need a partner to match great supplies with your curriculum (whether in-class or remote), we would love to hear from you.